product development

Product development

It is important that all user and system requirements are in place and reviewed, before detailed interaction design will be made. What are the different end-devices, what possibilities and constraints do they have? What are the main design principles? What are the value words agreed upon earlier? What is the structure of the information flow etc?

Early review of interaction design wireframes will avoid misinterpretations later on. When handing over the wireframes, the communication is, again, much important. Getting the graphical designer to understand which parts that are important and needs to be highlighted and which parts that are secondary is essential to get a great design. When handing over to the developers it is important to communicate the user group, the use goals, the idea about the flow and the graphic design  in order to get the right design ideas across. Describing the business logic of every wireframe avoids misunderstandings of the design. I love it when the whole team work together. When anyone can come up with great ideas and when everybody’s' goal is to make an outstanding product for the users which the client love.